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Working on a new website…so in a nutshell: I’m an artist from Delft who works with lines. Old masterpieces are genius of  light, color, composition and lines are engraved in our collective memory.  I investigate the necessary lines for the recognition of masterpieces. 

With the designer Hella Jongerius I share the opinion that we have to guard against color flattening. The colors of my wall objects are therfore carefully  chosen from the Delft range of colors, based on, among other things, old paintings from the city of Delft. My black wall objects are painted with one of the blacks that Jongerius has designed. 

Can’t wait to see the new website?Have a peak at my latest work:

photo’s by Chiara Esposito

after The Goldfinch by Delft-based artist Fabritius
After Leonardo da Vinci’s La Belle Ferroniere  (1500 euro)
After the Venus of Milo (1500 euro)
after portrait of Erasmus by Lucas the Elder (flat work) (373 euro)
after Girl with the pearl by Delft-based painter Johannes Vermeer (flat work) (375 euro)
after The Milkmaid by Delft – based 17th century based painter Vermeer (1500 euro)
after Little Street by Delft based Johannes Vermeer (1375 euro)
my latest work but not finished yet….

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