Winnaar van de 2e prijs van de Talent Annual Dutch Art Fair (ADAF) 2019

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Here you’ll will find info, pictures and my list of expositions.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell: I’m an artist from Delft -with roots in Aruba and Curaçao- who works with lines, mostly in birchwood. Old masterpieces are wonderful in their  light, color, composition and lines. These masterpieces are engraved in our collective memory and part of our heritage.  I am fascinated by the necessary lines for the recognition of masterpieces.

I use Delft colors

With designer Hella Jongerius I share the opinion that we have to guard against color flattening. The colors of my wall objects are therfore carefully  chosen from the Delft range of colors, based on, among other things, old paintings from the city of Delft. My black wall objects are painted with one of the blacks that Jongerius has designed. 

Can’t wait to see the new website?Have a peak at my latest work:

after The Milkmaid by Delft – based 17th century based painter Vermeer (1500 euro)
after The Goldfinch by Delft-based artist Fabritius
After Leonardo da Vinci’s La Belle Ferroniere  (1500 euro)
After the Venus of Milo (1500 euro)
after portrait of Erasmus by Lucas the Elder (flat work) (375 euro)
after Little Street by Delft based Johannes Vermeer (1375 euro)
after Girl with the pearl by Delft-based painter Johannes Vermeer (flat work) (375 euro)
my latest work but not finished yet….

and now for some details

1 week ago
Galerie LUMC

De Honoursclass -Kijken is de (genees) kunst- is begonnen. Het derde lesonderdeel vond plaats in Museum De Lakenhal waar vijf kunstwerken op zaal door de studenten geanalyseerd werden. De bestudering ... See more

1 week ago
Delftse kunst in de prijzen

Amsterdam/Delft - De Delftse kunstenares Shahaila Winklaar wist vorig weekend tijdens de negende editie van de Annual Dutch Art Fair in Amsterdam de tweede prijs van de vakjury in de wacht te ... See more

1 week ago

Part 2 of my groupexposition at the Meisjeshuis in Delft Gallery Kunst aan de Kade PlugnMake FabLab Delft

1 week ago

My new exposition at society Meisjeshuis in Delft has opened. Here my Milkmaid in Stuart Semple ‘S black 😍Gallery Kunst aan de KadePlugnMake FabLab DelftSociëteit Het MeisjeshuisStuart Semple

2 weeks ago

November just started...time for presents!🎅
This light necklace is great for an artlover: inspired by the 17th century painting 'The Milkmaid' by Johannes Vermeer 😍

2 weeks ago

Aan alle mooie zaken komt een eind..zo ook aan de exposities van de exposities Gallery Kunst aan de Kade van mijn favoriete conservator Bikkel in deze vorm...we maken er daarom een extra mooie editie ... See more

Invitation to attend 3th lustrum Gallery Kunst aan de Kade with exhibition Kunst aan de Kade nr 67. Participant artists: Winnifren Bastian, Max Baris, Bikkel Artist, Saskia Huitema, Shahaila ... See more

2 weeks ago

Happy -kinda- birthday to my fellow-citizen Johannes Vermeer: 387 years ago he was baptised in Delft 👑! I designed this table-runner for very, very special ocasions like these ☺️

2 weeks ago


Modern art simplified
Credits: John Atkinson, Wrong Hands

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list of expostions

2019                           Museum Maassluis – Groupexposition World Art Games

2019                           Region in Aktion Erzhausen Germany-Groupexposition

2018                           Sociëteit Het Meisjeshuis in Delft

                                    Groupexposition Gallery Kunst aan de Kade

2017                            Kunstsuper Artist in the Spotlight- solo-exposition

2018 – 2019              Stichting Nieuwe Ruimte in Velp

                                    Groupexposition ‘Tijdgeest’

2018                            Kerkelijk Centrum Open Hof in Rotterdam

                                     Solo exposition

2016 – 2017             Galerie Hofsteeg in Dordrecht

                                    Groupexposition World Art Games

2010  – 2016            Coffee Company in Delft -groupexposition

2015                           Mural for the peace , Houston USA and Art Dubai


2015                          Podium 0950 in Rotterdam- solo-exposition

2013                          Museum of the Americas, U.S.A.

2013                         Kunstsuper Delft: artist of the month

2013                         Digital exposition at

2013                         Grand Cafe Verderop in Delft

Winner biënnale Gallery Kunst aan de Kade

2012                         Cabinet Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba in Den Hague

                                  Solo exposition ‘Dushi Aruba’ en ‘woman and power’

2011  – nu               Kunstsuper at Prinsenkwartier Delft Groupexposition

2010                        Museum De Telefooncel ‘Voor de Kunst’ in Delft -solo expo

2010 – 2011            Gallery Haags in The Hague – solo-exposition

2009                  Art Gallery 38CC in Delft- solo-exposition

2008                 International Press Centre Nieuwspoort in Den Haag

Groupsexposition ‘Den Hague: beauty of power’

2008                 Las Palmas in Rotterdam

Graduation exhibition Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam

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